Our warranty covers all material or manufacturing defects. Consumable parts that are subjected to normal wear and tear during the use of the product are not covered by the warranty. Please take notice of the operating manual of your tool in this regard.


Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions:

For how long does our warranty apply?

Our warranty period is usually 2 years.

When does the warranty elapse?

The warranty elapses if the product was damaged due to a lack of care or if it was used improperly or not serviced.
The warranty will also elapse in case of improper and false use, application of force and in case of interventions that have not been made by a service branch authorised by us.

What should be avoided?

All instructions listed in the operating manual have to be observed for a proper use of the product. Purposes for use and actions that the operating manual advises against or cautions of must be avoided by all means.

What happens if a damage occurs outside of the warranty?

Should a damage arise, which is determined not to be covered by the warranty, you will receive a cost estimate.