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The product diversity of Grizzly Tools

With Grizzly Tools, work is fun! We offer you convenient and powerful solutions for all your home and garden needs.
Benefit from the features of our battery-powered appliances and choose from a varied product range to find exactly the thing that makes your life easier – whether in your home or out in the garden. Enjoy even more options thanks to our range of accessories that are perfectly adapted to the various appliances.

Battery-powered appliances

Say goodbye to cable spaghetti! Never worry if the cable is too short or if there is an outlet nearby. Our 12 V and 20 V rechargeable battery platform solves this problem for you. Flexible swapping of battery packs and the right battery for every requirement – whether in the shop or the garden. Are you looking to fasten, drill, saw or mow? You will find what you need in our selection of powerful battery-powered tools.


From cordless drills to circular saws – we offer a broad spectrum of tools for do-it-yourselfers. Our selection of battery-powered appliances is already extensive and never stops growing. Of course, we also have plenty of experience with corded tools as well.

Garden equipment

We want to give every hobby gardener the right tool for the job. That’s why we develop our appliances with various drive types – individually customized for different uses and gardening tasks. Battery, power cord or gasoline – we leave no gardener’s wish unfulfilled.

Cleaning appliances

Cleaning and maintaining your house, yard, garden and possessions is important to ensure they remain a source of enjoyment for many years to come. That’s why we offer a wide range of cleaning appliances. These appliances are also available with a variety of different drive technologies.


Many of our appliances and tools can be expanded with matching accessories to open up new possibilities for use. We also develop powerful battery packs and chargers that can be swapped between products.

Other products

We and our partners are creative and continuously on the lookout for new, innovative tools and appliances that can help make the work of our customers even more efficient.

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What we offer

We place a premium on quality, safety and long service life. Accordingly, we have put in place extensive quality and testing procedures and we work with independent certification and testing bodies.


Our Quality Control Center continuously verifies compliance with the most up-to-date safety requirements, chemical safety limits and much more. We also work with numerous external testing companies to obtain certifications for our appliances.


Our development work focuses not only on performance and efficiency but also the ergonomic aspects of our products. For example, we strive to eliminate unnecessary noise emissions and employ low-vibration drive technologies.

Long service life

We constantly carry out endurance testing under both laboratory and real-world conditions to achieve an exceptionally high level of quality. Because we want our customer to enjoy their purchases for many years to come.

Our spare parts store

The conscious use of resources is important to us. That is why it is a matter of course for us to offer our customers a large repertoire of spare parts.