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We, Grizzly Tools GmbH & Co KG, are a mid-sized family company situated in Großostheim. Since the founding of the company in the year 1998, we have always been aware of our responsibility towards the world we live in today, but we also go further by basing our decisions on our responsibility towards future generations. It goes without saying that we comply with all laws in the course of our business activities. Sustainability, the efficient use of resources as well as fair and safe working conditions are also extremely important to us. The expectations of our management team regarding our company’s core principles and rules of conduct are summarized here. On one hand, these principles and rules represent our expectations towards ourselves to life up to the values and principles depicted here, while on the other hand, they signal to outside parties our responsible conduct with respect to our business partners and customers as well as our employees.

Grizzly Tools - Werkzeuge, Gartengeräte, Reinigungsgeräte - Code of conduct - Soziale Verantwortung

Social responsibility

  • Human rights are basic rights enjoyed by every individual. We therefore value and support the compliance with all internationally recognized human rights, not only with respect to our own employees but with respect to those of our business partners as well.
  • We reject child labor and forced labor. We respect the rights of children and are committed to the right to freely chose one’s employment.
  • We are committed to equal opportunity regardless of gender, ancestry, race, language, home and origins, beliefs and religious or political worldviews. We see disabled persons as equally entitled members of society and prohibit discrimination of all kinds.
  • We consider fair working conditions and compliance with legal standards for compensation, working time and vacation rules to be important prerequisites for a contractual relationship. The right to appropriate compensation is recognized for all employees.
  • We respect the right of freedom of association for workers. Furthermore, we believe that a company culture of open communication between employees and managers is an important foundation for success.
  • The safety and health of our employees are company priorities on equal footing with the quality of our products and economic success. Work safety and protection of health in accordance with the statutory national standards are therefore an integral part of our operating procedures.

Environmental responsibility

We consider protection of the environment and the climate to be important issues. Our employees are expected to make sparing use of all natural resources that are utilized at our company (e.g. energy, water, land). We support environmentally sound and responsible activities by our business partners, promote environmentally friendly technologies and focus already during the development and production stages on the conservative use of natural resources, a continuous reduction in environmental impact and compliance with environmental protection laws.

Grizzly Tools - Werkzeuge, Gartengeräte, Reinigungsgeräte - Code of conduct - Ökologische Verantwortung

Ethical responsibility

  • The norms of fair business practices, fair advertising and fair competition as well as compliance with applicable anti-trust laws are key aspects of our activities.
  • We comply with the national laws on data protection and information security in the collection, storage, processing, transmission and sharing of personal information.
  • Technology and know-how transfer take place in accordance with intellectual property rights.
  • All of our business activities are based on the highest standards of integrity. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding all forms of bribery, corruption, extortion and embezzlement, and we comply with the provisions of the Anti-Corruption Act.
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